Forms and documents

Keeping things simple: below you’ll find a collection of forms, which we’ve created to help you carry out orders and business transactions with minimum effort. You can fill them out online and then print them out. Also included below is a selection of handy documents outlining things like our prices and service lists, as well as key legal documents for your reference.

(1) General Terms and Conditions of Host Europe GmbH (GTC)

These contractual conditions form the general basis of our business relationship.

(2) Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We guarantee certain service levels to ensure quality for you.

(3) Service Level Agreements (SLA) ShopServer at ePages

We guarantee certain service levels at our partner ePages.

(4) Privacy Policy

Here we explain the measures we take to protect the privacy of our customers.


(5) Cancellation Policy for Consumers

Find out about your right of withdrawal as a consumer for certain contracts.

(6) License Agreement for Microsoft Software Products

These license terms regulate the elements that have to be observed when using Microsoft software packages.

(7) Price and Performance Descriptions

You’ll find a complete list of prices and services for each Host Europe product here.

(7) Preis- & Leistungsbeschreibungen

You’ll find a complete list of prices and services for each Host Europe product here.

(8) Conditions of Participation Partner Program

In order to benefit from our partner program, you’ll need to fulfil these prerequisites.

(9) Stand by Order System Management

With this form you can order a stand-by technician to help trouble-shoot in the case of emergencies.

(10) Change of Domain Holder/Admin C

Form for the transfer of domains with all rights and obligations outlined.

(11) Domain Reseller Framework Agreement

Contract regulating our relationship when you become active as a domain reseller.

(12) Domain Robot Documentation

Before using the Domain Robot, make yourself familiar with its system using this guidance.

(13) Direct Debit Authorization / SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Authorize Host Europe to collect payments from your account using SEPA Direct Debit.

(14) Termination

Use this form to cancel your product in due time.

(15) Termination of Domains

Use this form if you want to delete or release one or more domains.

(16) Provider Change

This will cause your domain(s) to be transferred from another provider to Host Europe.

(17) Master Data Change

With this form you can inform us about changes to your personal/business data.

(18) Transfer of Contract/Transfer of a Customer Number

This form can be used to transfer a complete customer number.

(19) Acceptance/transfer of Contract for a Single Product

With this form you can hand over individual products.

(20) Contract Processing Agreement

You can use this form to send us an order processing contract (AV contract).

(21) Technical and Organisational Measures (TOM)

With this form we inform you about our technical and organizational measures.

(22) Subcontractor list

With this list we inform you about the subcontractors we can use to provide our services.


(23) Answers catalogue to article 15 GDPR

In this document you will find a catalogue of answers to Article 15 GDPR options.