E-Mail Hosting

Efficient solutions for companies, start-ups, clubs or private use

  • Link your e-mail address to your own domain
  • Use shared calendar, address book, tasks and a personal cloud store
  • Automatic daily backup
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For desktop, tablet, mobile - Now OpenXchange 7.8

E-Mail Basic

The private e-mail address for your own domain

monthly 1,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 0,00 €

E-Mail Business

The professional tariff for communication within the team

monthly 4,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 4,99 €

Responsive design across all device types

The interface adapts flexible to the screen size of your devices: Whether desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone - you always have a comfortable access to the functions of your e-mail system.

Calendar, address book, tasks, cloud storage

Use your personal calendar, an address book and manage your tasks - with E-mail Business also as a team and combined with personal cloud storage.

Quick and easy e-mail transfer

Have you chosen to move your e-mail account to Host Europe? With our e-mail transfer you can get it done in just three simple steps. Your complete file structure and all your emails will be transferred.

Summing up all advantages

Optimized Webmailer

With a Webmailer Pro you have now the latest version of OpenXchange 7.8 available - with responsive interface and many individual settings.

Useful organization tools

You can conveniently manage addresses, calandars and tasks with the appropriate tools - in the business version also across teams and with personal cloud storage.

Mobile ready

Whether desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone: The user interface adapts flexibly to all screen sizes, so that you can read and write comfortably on any device.

Automatic backup

For your safety, we run an automatic backup of all your data on our servers every day.

Flexible upgrade options

You can always add an E-Mail, web hosting package, a Website Builder kit, a WebServer or WebServer Dedicated.

24/7 Support

Our Support Team is available around the clock for you and can always offer expert advice and assistance.

Work more productively in a team - with Office 365

Accomplish everything from everywhere: with the successful Microsoft® applications - on PC / Mac, tablet and smartphone. Take advantage of professional e-mail communications with 50 GB of storage per user. Integrate your own domains. Migrate your existing mailbox.

Office 365 products

Frequently Asked Questions

What does E-Mail Hosting from Host Europe feature?

With our products, there are many professional features to help you communicate more efficiently. You can easily create your individual e-mail address under your personal domain name. Our packages allow you to manage unlimited domains. You can choose from over a hundred top-level domains (TLDs), which include both the traditional domain extensions such as .de, .com, .eu, .at, as well as many new generic TLDs like .köln, .hamburg, .kaufen and many more. Our Mail Business package also provides you with comprehensive Groupware functionality which you can use on mobile devices.


For professional communication with a dedicated IP address, please see our Mail Server product line. It is based on powerful virtual and dedicated servers that are delivered pre-configured. You will also get an operating system that is administered by us. You will be ready to start immediately and the only thing you need to do is to set up your e-mail accounts. Then you can create as many addresses as you need.

Do you provide e-mail hosting with groupware functionality?

Our Business Mail product enables you to make team communication more efficient than ever. The groupware solution is based on the open source software Open Xchange and offers small and medium-sized businesses an affordable and powerful solution for all the challenges in the digital Teamwork: Sharing of calendars, address books and files with your colleagues. You will never again miss an important appointment and will always have access to all contacts in your address book.


With the Host Europe Webmail and its mobility features, you can access e-mails as well as dates, addresses and files from any computer with Internet access and a browser. With your mobile device, smartphone, blackberry, tablet and PC you will have access to all the features of Mail Business whenever you are on the go.

Which security features does e-mail hosting include?

Each e-mail account is protected by extensive anti-spam filters. This means that every address that you create in your account is protected against SPAM In our customer information system (KIS) you have the options to adjust the filter characteristics individually or to reset to the pre-configured filter settings.


The premium antivirus protection from Kaspersky® comes with advanced protection against viruses, spam and other malware. Depending on the product you choose, you can have up to 100 e-mail accounts equipped with the advanced premium protection. Want to create additional addresses as well as separate new accounts? No problem, you can protect any additional accounts by adding the premium antivirus protection from Kaspersky® separately.

Do I need my own domain in order to use e-mail products from Host Europe?

If you want to use our products professionally, we recommend you to set individual addresses under your own domain. This makes your e-mail communication more individual, personal and distinctive, regardless of whether you want the address for business or personal purposes.


You can also order more domains and add them to your product whenever you need to. If you want to integrate an external domain, you will need to pay a small additional fee.

How do I get mobile access to my e-mail boxes?

We give you access to your mailbox from any mobile device, whether that is a smartphone or tablet. All you need is the Mobility Mailbox add-on which allows you to access and manage e-mails, addresses and calendars comfortably whenever you are on the go. In addition, if you have an IMAP IDLE enabled e-mail program, the push synchronisation feature allows you to synchronise all your mailbox data in real time so you can access it from different clients.

How can I manage the e-mail hosting products Host Europe?

You can manage your product quickly, easily and comfortably from within our customer information system (KIS). You can use it to create a new account, a new e-mail address or set up forwarders and auto-responders. You will also have access to detailed information about your e-mail storage, traffic and much more.

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