Security you can rely on

You can rely on us to ensure the security of your data
and the reliability of our performances.

Audited and certified – Our data centres

When it comes to the security of your data, we go above and beyond to ensure accuracy. Both our data centres are checked by independent bodies – with satisfying results.

Map DE Datadock
datadock Strasbourg

Datadock in Strasbourg is one of the most secure data centres in Europe. Its sophisticated security and redundancy model was created in order to guarantee the highest availability of your data.

In the version 3.0 of the Datacentre Star Audit, our data centre datadock, achieved five stars, the highest score possible. The DCSA is conducted by the eco Association of the German Internet Industry and is an independent cachet for data centres. During the auditing DCSA 3.0 the data centres were judged after being assigned criteria by at least two independent auditors.

Same quality and security standards as in Germany

The European privacy policy states minimum standards for adequate privacy protection, which are to be ensured by national laws. This applies to Germany as well as France, meaning the use of our servers in France does not affect the quality and security standards and would be the same as it is for our customers in Germany.

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Data centre Cologne

Host Europe provides its performances and services from a data centre that is certified with the seal ISO 27001 from the German consortium TÜV Süd. An approved Information Security Management System guarantees outstanding data security- and an immaculate abidance by the privacy protection. This means: You enjoy optimal protection regarding the availability, reliability, integrity and authenticity of your data and systems. The selected criteria of the certification includes the data centre, the connection and the network.

Focusing on security of account data and payment processes, a certification after PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is verified.

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ISO 27001

Service process management after ITIL

We manage our processes after the Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL, a multivendor-capable collection of Best Practices that enables an improvement in efficiency in your IT processes through a scalable approach. This means we can guarantee our customers an IT service of constant high quality.
Our dedicated process management defines monitors and optimises business processes and support employees in all divisions with advice and training. The certified employees also share their experience internally. Thus, we achieve high and reliable quality and transparency in all internal and external processes - and thus a further increase in customer satisfaction.


Exact agreements – our Service Level Agreements

In our Service Level Agreements we contractually guarantee minimum availabilities for your system. The Response times of our support and restoration periods at errors are also clearly defined in these documents.

  • Service Level Agreements German (415 kB) DE
  • Service Level Agreements English (290 kB) EN

We guarantee response time and restoration periods

Errors can be reported to our support team via phone, fax, letter and through the costumer information centre KIS.
You will receive a professional answer from one of our support staff addressing all your concerns within the defined response time. So if possible, you will receive exact information about the completion of your query, in any case, an initial assessment of your message will be actioned so we can provide you with relevant information on how to proceed.

If your ordered product/service is not available, we immediately take care of it: our support guarantees a response time of two hours. Depending on the product, our support ensures you a restoration period of four to eight hours.