WebServer Dedicated

We manage your dedicated WebServer

  • NGINX Caching optimised for maximum performance
  • Databases on ultra-rapid SSD hard disks (Supreme)
  • Highest security for your data - up to hardware RAID 10
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Only for a short time: special WebServer Dedicated deals!


Cost effective entry into running your own web server – including professional administration

monthly 69,99 € incl. VAT instead of € 99,00  One-Time Setup 0,00 €


Professional performance and resilience through redundant hard discs

monthly 149,00 € incl. VAT   One-Time Setup 149,00 €


Maximum performance and resilience with redundant hard disks and power supply

monthly 199,99 € incl. VAT instead of € 269,00  One-Time Setup 0,00 €


Our largest Dedicated Web Server for performance-hungry internet projects

monthly 499,00 € incl. VAT   One-Time Setup 0,00 €

Dedicated managed server

You can use all the resources of your server with no limits. You have no boundaries so you can profit from complete server performance.

  • redundant hard disks

The highest security for your data

WebServer Dedicated is equipped with hard drives in a RAID interconnection. Your data is redundantly saved to ensure the highest level of security and fast access speeds.

  • up to RAID 10

Automatic backup

For your safety, all data on your server is secured daily. You do not need to take care of it.

  • SSL Proxy server

Summing up all advantages

Automatic data transfer when upgrading

Upgrades made easy - whether you switch from one of our web hosting packages to a WebServer Dedicated or want to upgrade to a bigger package, your data will be moved automatically.

Your own fixed IP address

You receive WebServer with your own fixed IP address. This enables you to integrate SSL certificates and manage your own e-mail or FTP server, for instance.

100% Performance

Fully utilise all the resources of your server. Have maximum freedom and benefit from the full server performance.

Flexibility and add-ons

Add-ons and additional products for your product can be ordered easily via our customer information system (KIS).

More than 20 professional web applications

Install and manage a plethora of apps by point-and-click: Blogs, forums and many more web applications can be set up easily with the Easy Application Installer.

99.9% Availability guaranteed

In accordance with our Service Level Agreements we guarantee 99.9% availability of hardware and network.

You want maximum performance and admin rights with full server control?

Select your root server. Guaranteed and dedicated allocated hardware resources provide reliable stability and performance. You have full remote access to a virtual BIOS incl. ISO Mount feature and the ability to install any desired business application.

Root Server products

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need certain administration expertise for WebServer Dedicated?

You rent your own managed server, which we administer and supervise for you in our high-tech data centre. Our trained engineers will keep the level of security high and the proficiency of your operating system up-to-date. You do not need any administration or Linux expertise.

What makes WebServer Dedicated so comfortable for me?

While operating your WebServer Dedicated you will benefit from features such as simple administration through an online screen in our customer information system (KIS) and access to Secure Shell SSH and FTP, allowing you to install data, scripts and applications discretionarily.

Your choice: excellent hosting

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Host Europe was awarded a silver medal in the category Webhosting at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

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„We are always available for you“ – our service level was rated „top class!“.

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Host Europe is the only German webhoster featured as a leader in the Cloud segment.

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Host Europe was awarded a prize for our innovative „Root Server“ product.

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