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Included in all our Root Server plans


100 Mbit/s guaranteed Peak bandwidthtick

Your Root Server comes with a guaranteed peak bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit/s plus ready-to-go resources and database-intensive applications.

Traffic Flatratetick

Don't worry about too many visitors to your website: Unlimited traffic volume is included in the monthly price, irrespective of the number of visits to your website.

Own fixed IP addresstick

OS & Administration

Custom Kernel adaptationtick

Full administration and root privilegestick

Integration of ISO imagestick

1 included. You can quickly and easily install your own Operating Systems and updates on your Root Server. No expensive or complicated additional tools are required.

Debian (without Plesk)tick

Debian is a free Operating System (OS) that uses the Linux operating system core. Please note: The Plesk administration software cannot be used with Debian.

CentOS (with/without Plesk)tick

CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is based on the Distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) from Red Hat and is binary compatible with it. The distribution is supervised, maintained and developed by an open group of voluntary developers. We offer this operating system with or without Parallels® Plesk Interface.

Ubuntu (with/without Plesk)tick

The Operating System Ubuntu is a popular and free Debian based Linux distribution. You can use Ubuntu with or without the administration software Plesk.

Windows Server 2019 Datacentertick

€ 40 per month. The Operating System is available with our Virtual Server Windows Server 2019 Windows products Data center 64bit from Microsoft®. In addition to its ease of use, this operating system also includes advanced security features.

VNC Remote Managementtick

Root Server can be managed via an IP connection from any location in the world. Even if the server's Operating System should fail.

Domains & DNS management

Freely definable MX records (MailExchange)tick

With MX (mail Exchanger)-Records you specify to which IP addresses incoming messages will be delivered. By the definition of MX-Records you are able e.g. to receive emails during the failure of a mail server.

Freely definable A-Recordstick

An A(ddress) record assigns an IP address to a domain. At Host Europe you can freely set up your A records. You can use these for example in order to reference external content which is not hosted by us.


Additional domains availabletick

Choose from over 50 TLDs

Other server extensions

5 x Microsoft Office Standard SALtick

€ 50 monthly.
Our sales team will be happy to help you with your booking.

More SSL Certificates at affordable pricestick


Integratable SSL Certificatetick

Domain SSL permanently included.
In order to increase the trustworthiness of your website and to offer your visitors more security through encrypted data transmission, it is possible to integrate SSL certificates. Your server includes permanently one Domain SSL certificate. The order of the SSL certificate takes place after the booking in the KIS. If you purchase a certificate other than the included Domain SSL certificate, the value will be credited to the price of the other certificate.

Cluster IP - Optionaltick

You get more flexibility: with Cluster IP you get an additional IP address that you can redirect to another server. To increase the availability of your web application. The change in the routing is carried out within minutes.

5 x Microsoft Office Professional Plus SALtick

€ 75 monthly.
Our sales team will be happy to help you with your booking.

5 x Windows Remote Desktop Service SALtick

€ 30 monthly. Our sales team will be happy to help you with your booking.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (2 Cores)tick

€ 7,50 monthly per 2 vCores. Our sales team will be happy to help you with your booking.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Web Edition (2 Cores)tick

€ 10 monthly per 2 vCores.
Our sales team will be happy to help you with your booking.

Backup & Monitoring

Professional Backuptick

With Professional Backup you can back up your server automatically. There is a complete copy of your server created, which you can always restore if necessary. In Standard Pachage a Professional Backup M is free. Hence 1 time weekly there will be a copy of your server. At an additional price you get Professional L with daily backup (Example per week: 1 full backup followed by 6 incremental backups) and max. 7 days commissioning time or Professional Backup XL with max. 14 days commissioning time .

Permanent Snapshottick

1 included. Permanent Snapshot allows you to create a consistent copy of the configuration and file structure of your servers at any time. Available for an unlimited period. In case of a recreation, the saved backup will be overwritten. Additional Permanent Snapshots can be ordered at any time.


We can offer you effective and continuous monitoring with our monitoring packages. The Monitoring M 2.0 function checks for example every 30 minutes up to 10 services and notifies you by SMS, telefax or email in case of an emergency. You can also book further, more comprehensive extensions.

Support & SLA

Service Level Agreements (SLA)tick

24/7 supporttick

available via Freephone or email.

Support timetick

Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00.

Guaranteed availabilitytick


Latency of the Internet connectiontick

<40 milliseconds (within Europe).

Dropout compensationtick

Up to 100% of the monthly fee.

Guaranteed response times (e.g. If there is an urgent fault)tick

Max. 2 hours. If we receive your generic support query during our support hours, we will contact you within our guaranteed response time. During this interval you will receive a qualified response to your query from one of our staff members.

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Please note that your package requires a certain minimum contract period. For some products there is a choice of several contract periods that may have different monthly and set-up fees.

Monthly billing cycle: monthly in advance

Any charges are calculated for the given periods in advance and cannot be refunded if cancellation occurs before the end of the contract period or if there is a contract change.

Following contract length: 1 month

After the minimum contract term, your contract is renewed monthly with four weeks' notice.

Cancellation terms: 4 weeks to the end of the contract length

Please note the contractual cancellation period, because your contract period will automatically be extended otherwise.

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