Root Server

A winning combination: Dedicated resources with the comfort of a virtual solution

  • Dedicated hard disks for maximum I/O performance
  • Complete control: Access to the kernel level, remote control
  • Integrated data backup with Professional Backup M

Now with 500 GB SSD -
Space doubled!


Your affordable entry into the world of powerful root servers.

monthly 39,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 €


Our best seller with the best price-performance ratio and optional SSD.

monthly monthly 49,99 € 69,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 € Order One-Time Setup 99,99 € Order
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Powerful with 6 vCores!


Larger CPU and memory resources for demanding users.

monthly monthly 69,99 € 89,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 € One-Time Setup 99,99 €
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With RAID 5, this is the best option for increased speed and security.

monthly monthly 99,99 € 129,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 € One-Time Setup 99,99 €
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Highest performance and reliability with RAID 10 for redundant data storage.

monthly monthly 129,99 € 179,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 € Order One-Time Setup 99,99 € Order
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Extreme root server performance for the highest demands.

monthly monthly 199,99 € 249,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 99,99 € One-Time Setup 99,99 €
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Highly reliable website hosting

Dedicated hardware resources giving you guaranteed reliability, stability and performance for your website. Load peaks are easily intercepted by a peak scope of up to 100 Mbit/s.

  • dedicated hardware resources
  • up to 100 Mbit/s peak band width

Outsourcing business applications

You have complete remote access to a virtual BIOS including ISO Mount features to install every business application - even those that need individual kernel adjustments.

  • virtual BIOS, ISO Mount feature included
  • access to kernel level

Hosting platforms based on databases

Whether you want to use a data warehouse or data mining application, our SSD high I/O option, will ensure your critical applications run with the best possible performance.

  • 100% SSD with high I/O option
  • up to 4 x 240 GB SSD

Host Europe Add-ons

Helpful additional options for your server

Backup Storage

Up to 10 TB of storage accessible via rsync, SCP, SFTP and FTP

monthly from 0,99 € incl. VAT
Backup Storage


Monitor services and ports on your server.

monthly 4,99 € incl. VAT

Cluster IP

More flexibility through the additional divertible IP address.

monthly 4,99 € incl. VAT
Cluster IP

Plesk Onyx, a state-of-the-art Control Panel

If you host with Plesk, you can manage your server easily. Especially with the newest version Plesk Onyx and its new features you are ready to code. Whether you decide on Plesk for Linux or Pleskon Windows, its one single platform means you can develop, protect and manage websites and anon any of your servers. Self-Repair tools and Automatic System Updates guarantee the most productive work on your server. Self-Repair tools and Automatic System Updates (Self-repair tools and automated updates for your system give you the best support you could possibly wish for.



Use Plesk to create easier and faster Web applications. All server related assignments and components are automated - you will save valuable time.

New in Plesk Onyx
  • Ready-to-Code-environment
  • Support by State-of-the-Art-Features like Git, Docker, Node.js, Ruby
  • Manual or automatic deployment from Git repositories


Focus on your ideas and your creativity. Create with Plesk websites for small and medium sized companies, as well as for private purposes with professionally claim.

New in Plesk Onyx
  • 1-Click App Installer for Wordpress, Drupal etc.
  • WordPress-Toolkit for easy administration of multiple WordPress-Instances


Comfortable as never before: Plesk centralizes, simplifies and facilitates administration. You can control all the functions of you server via a single user interface in the browser.

New in Plesk Onyx
  • Central control over customers, resellers, domains, subscriptions and service plans
  • Automatic operating-system-updates keep your system permanently up to date
  • Benefit from numerous additional safety functions

Summing up all advantages

Debian 8

With the most recent Debian version, you use one of the strongest Linux distributions with a plethora of applications and tools.

Data backups included

Secure your data with the free Professional Backup M. This automatically creates a complete copy of your server once a week which you can restore anytime you need to.

Mount ISO Images

Mount virtual images with the ISO mount function - easy and fast to install on your desired operating system.

Remote Control

With full remote access to the virtual BIOS, you can easily manage your root server and control the boot process.


With 2.0 Monitoring, you can supervise different services and ports around the clock. This allows you to respond immediately in the event of errors and to keep your web site accessible at all times.

Operating system of your choice

Choose from recent OS versions like Debian 8, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or CentOS 16:04 7: Take advantage of our wide range of operating systems and choose according yours to suit your own individual requirements.

Flexible terms

Enjoy absolute flexibility with no risk when you use our root server as there is no minimum contract period. You can cancel at any time with a notice period of just 4 weeks to the end of the month.

99.95% Availability

Our Service Level Agreements guarantee contractually that you will have on average, 99.95% availability of your root server every month.


Including unlimited traffic with a guaranteed peak bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit/s! There are no extra costs for high traffic volume.

Mobile Management

You are always in control - with the Mobile Server Manager App you can monitor and control your root server from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Host Europe SSL included

Increase the security of your server and protect your web pages against imitators. When you order your root server you will also get the Host Europe SSL Certificate which you will be able to use free of charge for three months.

Flexible Cluster IP

More flexibility through Cluster IP - you get an additional IP address that you can redirect to another server – giving you increased availability of your web application.

High I/O

You will benefit from high performance data throughout - with SSD hard drives that increase the I/O-performance significantly, optimising your database-based applications.

Full virtualisation

Free configuration of your server by direct Kernel access as well as maximum freedom to install any software.

Dedicated resources and professional administration you can depend on

WebServer Dedicated offers the ideal entry into the world of dedicated web server with unlimited resources and high security through hardware RAID. Plus with professional management administration is a breeze so you can focus on your web project without hindrance.

WebServer Dedicated Products

How do you combine dedicated power and cloud computing effectively?

With your private cloud server, you create individual virtual machines with configurable resources and use both public and private network segments. You can adjust the performance values of your virtual machines at any time to meet your requirements and administration is made simple with Plesk 12.

Private Cloud Server Products

Frequently Asked questions

Full root-rights for the user - what does that mean for me?

In these powerful web server environments, you have the freedom to install and run your applications. You also have a great choice of operating systems.

Which hardware will be inserted?

We build our server products with high quality hardware from Dell, HP, Intel and AMD. Our Root range uses their own hardware - partly dedicated in performance critical divisions like hard drive and RAM.

Which possibilities do I have with Control Panel and Plesk Panel?

The Host Europe Control Panel gives you a comfortable system control and the ability to monitor your Root Server from any computer that has internet connection. You can also appoint your own backup routines, administer ISO images and install operating systems. Plesk Panel allows you to edit and administer resellers, costumers, subscriptions and web hosting packages. You can also manage your domains and e-mail accounts, as well as applications for quick installations.

Where are the Root Servers operated?

We provide our services in datadock in Strasbourg so we meet the quality and safety standards of Germany, with an excellent connection to the European network. The datadock facility is one of the safest and greenest data centres in Europe and was awarded the highest rating of 5 stars as part of the eco Datacentre Star Audit.

Your choice: excellent hosting

Gold Winner
VPS Provider

At the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2018 Host Europe was again awarded Gold in the VPS/vServer category.

100% Availability Award

In 2018 several times decorated as webhoster with 100% availability.

Gold Winner

Host Europe has been awarded the Gold Hosting Award 2017 for Webhosting.

VPS Provider

Host Europe was named best provider in the category VPS/vServer at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

Silver Medallist

Host Europe was awarded a silver medal in the category Webhosting at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

Service Availability

„We are always available for you“ – our service level was rated „top class!“.