Wordpress Hosting

Start quickly and easily with pre-installed software.

  • Staging environment allows uncomplicated testing
  • System and features are optimised for the best WordPress experience
  • NGINX-optimised Cache – for the highest performance
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WP Basic

The entry-level package for your own blog

1 month
14,99 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 4,99 € 4,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 14,99 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €

WP Premium

For power-hungry and complex website projects

1 month
14,99 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 9,99 € 9,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 14,99 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €

WP Server

Professional performance and resilience through redundant hard discs

1 month
14,99 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 39,99 € 39,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 14,99 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €

WordPress is pre-installed and optimised

Create a professional website or your own blog using the most advanced database and web-standards. The WordPress Content-Management-System is already pre-installed and optimised.

  • WordPress CMS
  • Test Environment is included

SSD hard drives for the significant speed advantages

The required MySQL databases run on the high-speed SSD hard drives. WP Hosting guarantees high data speed throughout and a fast response from the blog, even with very high traffic.

  • SSDs for Blog and databases
  • PHP scripting language

High-Performance-Cache with NGINX

With the NGINX-optimised Cache, your website is fast, efficient and consumes less server resources. Images and video files in particular will be handled extremely fast by a server.

  • High Performance
  • WordPress-Cache with NGINX

All benefits at a glance

Unlimited traffic

Regardless of the amount of incoming traffic to your blog, our traffic flat rate secures you from the additional costs.

Automatic Backups

Whether you’ve pressed a wrong button or your website was hacked, there is no need to worry as a daily automatic backup will ensure that your data is always safe.

Free Support

If you have any questions about WordPress hosting, we provide competent support around the clock.

High Server Availability

Our Service Level Agreements guarantee 99.95 percent hardware and network uptime.

Test environment (Staging)

Test certain changes and upgrades by creating a visualisation of your data with just one click of a mouse.

Encrypted Data Transmission

SSL allows your sensitive information to be encrypted and transmitted securely. This gives you a benefit of the highest data security.

Are you looking for a complete hosting package
that can help you get off to a good start?

With Web Hosting, you are given everything you need to host your site smoothly: fast MySQL databases, substantial web space, professional e-mail capabilities, and popular scripts like PHP as well as other free Web Apps.

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Frequently Asked questions

How do I start using WordPress?

This popular software is already pre-installed for you – you can activate and start using it with one click! It is based on PHP and MySQL, is free of charge and has everything you need to create your professional web presence.

What are the main benefits of WordPress?

This CMS is currently the most widely used publishing system in the world- for both personal and professional use. It’s ideal for those who would like to manage their own website but lack experience as it’s available for free and doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

What makes WordPress to be so user-friendly?

The software is not just ideal for private websites- it is also a popular choice for creating a professional looking website for a business. With the web-based open source software, you can edit your site from any computer that has an Internet connection and a browser. It’s mobile optimised- so the layouts for smartphones and other devices are responsive and look great.

Can multiple users simultaneously work with the WordPress?

Yes, one of the many advantages of this system is that multiple users can work and create content on a website simultaneously. Content and layouts can be edited separately, and a preview of the page is available at any time during the editing process.

What for are the plugins?

The Extended Functions Plugins give you the opportunity to tailor the system to your own requirements. For example, you could add survey or statistical functions. WordPress also offers a controllable comments function, so you can stay in control. It helps you to enable communications and interactivity while limiting spam. A search function facilitates the management of the posts and helps retrieve older posts using the keywords.

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In 2018 several times decorated as webhoster with 100% availability.

Gold Winner

Host Europe has been awarded the Gold Hosting Award 2017 for Webhosting.

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Host Europe was named best provider in the category VPS/vServer at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

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Host Europe was awarded a silver medal in the category Webhosting at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

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