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Included in all our WebServer Dedicated plans


1 Gbit/s available Bandwidthtick

Host Europe guarantees 1 Gbit/s available bandwidth and a site availability guarantee of up to 99.9% according to SLA.

1 Gbit/s connection of the servertick

We guarantee the server's network connection at the respective listed value.


Rack-optimized branded hardware.


NGINX and APCu can be activated free of chargetick

NGINX and APCu can be activated with one click. Your benefits: higher performance, faster page retrieval, more stability and lower resource consumption. Our sales team will be pleased to help you.

Traffic flatratetick

No additional cost for high traffic volume. Our Dedicated Web Server is now available with unlimited traffic and a guaranteed peak bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s.

FTP Locktick

You can open and close individual FTP accounts via our Customer Information System KIS. This provides you with additional security against FTP account hacking and uploading of malicious software

Access via SSHtick

Secure Shell (SSH) allows an encrypted network connection between your PC and the server on which your website resides. SSH is often used to invoke a remote command line locally, for instance for the secure transfer of payload data or files.


WebCenter allows you to load and edit data for your website quickly and easily – all from within your web browser. No specialised FTP program is required.

1.000 FTP accountstick

Databases & Scripts

Choice of PHP versiontick

PHP is needed by the most web applications and is at minimum available in two different versions.
You can choose from at least two different PHP versions. All information and the current PHP roadmap can be found in our FAQ section.

MySQL Databasestick

1000 incl. InnoDB. With MySQL, you can generate your website with dynamic content, e.g. for Content Management Systems (CMS) or Online-Shops. Certain MySQL settings are individually configurable.

Scripting languagestick

Our products have been prepared and tested for leading scripts: PHP, Ruby, Python and own CGI scripts.


With .htaccess files you give access to certain areas on your website such as photos to specific users. Or you can show alternate content for websites with several languages.

Server Side Includes SSItick

Server-side includes are simple script commands which are run on the web server before delivering the page. Use them to create web pages for passing certain instructions to the server, e.g. adding the contents of a file to the website.

Custom Error Pagestick

You can create individual error pages (404, 403 etc.), for example if a customer uses an outdated link of your website.

Server-side image manipulation programstick

You can use the following pre-installed applications for server-side image editing: GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick, Netpbm, GDlib. These applications offer a range of possibilities for editing images and graphics, for instance re-sizing or rotations.


CronJobs enable scheduled application or script starts for recurring tasks. This is especially useful if your own scripts (PHP/CGI) are to be executed regularly without the necessity of a manual start.

Email & Subdomains

Anti-spam filtertick

Our anti-spam filtering protects you safely and effectively against spam. We’ll stop the majority of unwanted email messages before they reach your inbox.

Email storage per account: Up to available E-Mail storagetick

Due to the generously dimensioned email storage space of 2,000 MB per account you can store a multitude of messages in your mailbox.

1.000 Email accountstick

1.000 Email addressestick

E-mails, tasks, calendar and contact data move - powered by audrigatick

1 x included (30 days), after this time € 9.99
Switch from another provider to Host Europe and simply take your email tasks, calendar and contact information with you. With our migration service this is very simple and straightforward. The included relocation service only applies to new orders and not to product changes.

Catch-all e-mail-address, multiple e-mail forwarding, E-mail collection servicetick

Nutzen Sie unsere praktischen E-Mail-Features: Mit einer Catch-All-Mailadresse bekommen Sie jede Mail, die an Ihre Domain gerichtet ist - ganz egal, was vor dem @-Zeichen steht. Mit unseren multiplen E-Mail-Weiterleitungen können Sie sämtliche Nachrichten an jede beliebige Mail-Adresse weiterleiten. Und lästiges mehrfaches Abrufen unterschiedlicher E-Mail-Adressen ersparen Sie sich mit unserem Sammeldienst.

Dynamic Spam-Out-Stoptick

We protect you from having your mailbox abused by spam attacks and from ending up in a blacklist. To prevent this from happening, we automatically limit the number of outgoing emails per mailbox.


If you use a mail program such as Outlook, you can easily integrate this program with your mailboxes. With the transmission protocol POP3 emails are encrypted with SSL. So your data is safe.

Premium antivirus by Kaspersky® for 20 E-mail accounts includedtick

The Premium-Antivirus by Kaspersky® monitors your inbox and
protects your emails against viruses, Trojans and other malicious

Additional premium antivirus by Kaspersky® for existing e-mail accountstick

from € 0,69 / month. / P.O. Box
The Premium-Antivirus by Kaspersky® monitors your inbox and protects your emails against viruses, Trojans and other malicious content.

50 MB max. e-mail sizetick

With your hosting package you can easily receive, send and save emails and attachments up to a size of 50 MB.

Email storagetick

On Hard Disk Storage.

Webmailer & Autorespondertick

Our Webmail is the Internet platform for your e-mail communication. By using it you could send and receive e-mails, manage your personal calendar and your address book. With the practical autoresponder there will be no more unanswered mail even in your absence. You could prepare a message in advance, which will be sent as soon as you receive an e-mail in your mailbox.

Unlimited subdomainstick

Subdomains allow you to structure your website clearly, e.g. if you want to create different language versions of your site or define individual areas such as a blog, news or a shop.

Webmailer Pro

Webmailer Protick

Send and receive e-mails in your web browser – from any computer with internet connection. In addition: Maintain your personal calendar, your personal address book and use other handy features.

Personal Calendartick

Keep an overview of you appointments with your personal calendar. With Webmailer Pro you can conveniently manage appointments and tasks.

Personal Address Booktick

Manage your contacts with your personal address book. Create new contacts with a simple click, or take the contact details directly from your emails.

Upgrade: Premium Mailboxtick

Optional. Premium Mailbox provides you with effortless team communication and scheduling – ideal for enterprises and groups. Using your Webmailer you can share contacts and appointments with your colleagues and with the new InfoStore you can now even share documents.

Security & Privacy

Backup on the flytick

With backup on the fly you can save your important data at any time in a zip archive. This saves space, time and traffic and you can access the up-to-date data at any time.

Daily Backuptick

There is a daily automatic backup for the security of your data. This backup complements your own backup and gives you an additional security.

Password protection directorytick

With this feature you can give certain visitors access to individual directories. This way you retain full control.


Use our SSL proxy server for encrypted file transfer. You don't even need your own IP address for this. You can also use the SSL proxy for certain areas of your website so that only these pages are opened using https.

ionCube Loadertick

The ionCube loader is necessary in order to run PHP scripts which were encrypted with the ionCube encoder. This type of encryption is often used by software manufacturers to protect their PHP source code.

Zend Guard Loadertick

Zend Guard Loader is a runtime application which enables PHP to run Zend Guard encrypted scripts.

SSL certificate includedtick

1 annual Domain SSL inclusive

Additional SSL certificate: optional unlimited applicabletick

SSL certificates from Host Europe offer you the highest security for your internet and network communications. In conjunction with the leading certification service provider partners we are offering six different types of SSL certificates.

Service and Support

Download the log files to view web statisticstick

Our web statistics measure the success of your website at any time and enable you to optimise it. You can download the current statistics as log files (event log) and evaluate it using a special software.

Premium support via email and phonetick

We are there for you and are happy to assist you when choosing a new product or service or setting up your products.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)tick

Our support offerings, such as response times, are clearly laid out in our service level agreements (SLAs). So you know exactly what to expect.

Own IP addressestick

1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6

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Terms and conditions

One off fee

You only pay a once-off setup fee at the beginning of the contract period.
€ 0 for 12 months contract, € 14.99 for no contract period.

Minimum contract length: 12 months or 3 months

Please note that your package requires a certain minimum contract period. For some products there is a choice of several contract periods that may have different monthly and set-up fees.

Monthly billing cycle: monthly in advance

Any charges are calculated for the given periods in advance and cannot be refunded if cancellation occurs before the end of the contract period or if there is a contract change.

Following contract length: 1 month

After the minimum contract term, your contract is renewed monthly with four weeks' notice.

Cancellation terms: 4 weeks to the end of the contract length

Please note the contractual cancellation period, because your contract period will automatically be extended otherwise.

Upgrades and downgrades: free of charge

We enable you to switch between WebHosting, WebServer and WebServer Dedicated free of charge to any other tariff. Please note: A downgrade of WebServer Dedicated into one of the two other product groups is only possible after the expiration of the minimum contract period.

Optional extras

Add On - Website Builder

Website Builder Minitick


Website Builder Basictick

optional applicable, 6,99 € mtl.

Website Builder Premiumtick

optional applicable, 6,99 € mtl.

Optional: Premium Mailbox

Push synchronisation between smartphone and Webmail Protick

Automatically update your emails, appointments, and contacts in real time via the push synchronization feature. So you can always access consistent data.

Manage your e-mail, contacts and calendar with your smartphonetick

Your emails, contacts, calendar and tasks in one single place. All entries that you make with your smartphone will be automatically synchronized with your Webmail Pro account and vice versa.

Shared private and public calendars and address bookstick

Save time with shared calendars and address books. With the Premium Mailbox for web hosting you can have access to shared appointments or contacts.

Global Addresstick

One for All: With the Premium Mailbox, you can share your address centrally for all team members. Or assign individual use and write permissions.


1 GB storage included, max. filesize 200 MB.
The Online-Drive is your central store that you can use in the group to share or store documents. With the Pro Premium Mailbox you have 1GB of available space for the Online-Drive. A maximum of 200MB per uploaded file.

Manage access for users and groupstick

You can define how the specific read-, write- and delete- rights for calendars, contacts, files and tasks are distributed. So you keep sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Monthly base price (Upgrade: Premium mailbox)tick

€ 4.99 per email account.
These costs are payable monthly for your Premium Mailbox to Host Europe.

Optional: Hosted Exchange

Push Synchronization between Smartphone and OWA / Outlooktick

Automatically update your emails, appointments, and contacts in real time via the push synchronization feature. So you can always access consistent data.

Manage your email, contacts and calendar with your smartphonetick

No need to synchronize your emails, contacts, calendar and tasks: All entries you make with your smartphone are automatically synchronized with your Hosted Exchange account and vice versa.

Shared private and public calendars and address bookstick

With shared calendars and address books you save yourself unnecessary work. With Hosted Exchange in addition to your WebHosting product, you can access shared appointments or contacts, for example.

Manage access for users and groupstick

You can define how the specific read-, write- and delete- rights for calendars, contacts, files and tasks are distributed. So you keep sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Monthly base price (Upgrade: Hosted Exchange)tick

€ 6.99 per Hosted Exchange Basic email account;
€ 9.99 per Hosted Exchange Premium email account
These costs apply monthly to your Hosted Exchange mailbox at Host Europe.