Your powerful shop with web interface

  • Reliable performance through the hosting on virtual servers
  • Direct connection to your Inventory Management System
  • Unlimited product number for attractive product variety

Permanently included:
SSL certificate for more security


Our affordable entry package based on a virtual server

3 months
149,00 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 99,00 € 99,00 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 149,00 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €


Our professional package with more storage

3 months
149,00 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 149,00 € 149,00 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 149,00 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €


Our most powerful package for big ecommerce projects

3 months
149,00 € Setup
12 months
0,00 € Setup
monthly 199,00 € 199,00 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 149,00 € One-Time Setup 0,00 €

Unlimited number of products

ShopServer brings your ecommerce performance to the next level. With an unlimited number of products, you can offer diversity to your customers. Hosting on the access-secure virtual servers gives you an advantage of flexible and reliable performance.

Integrated web interface

An integrated web interface and a direct connection to quick link to Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) helps you to handle orders even more efficiently. It supports leading ERP systems such as orgaMAX, WISO my office, Softengine, SAP (Core System), Sage Office Line, Pixi, Microsoft Dynamic NAV and DreamRobot.

Domain SSL certificate permanently included

With the permanently included Domain SSL certificate you give your customers the confidence to trust you. If you need a higher-value certificate, the value of the included Domain SSL certificate will be credited to your purchase.

Summing up all advantages

Interface for ERP systems

With a linked ERP system you are able to handle your orders more efficiently, so you have more time left for customer care.

Unlimited product number

With Shop Server you can present as many products in your shop as you want.

SSL certificate included

With a help of SSL certificate, you increase the reliability and respectability of your online store, making it easier to generate revenue.

Virtual Server Hosting

By hosting your shop on virtual servers, you benefit from guaranteed and flexible performance and high reliability.

Updates included

We keep you up-to-date with your shop software. Updates will be installed automatically

Upgrade anytime

An upgrade to the next tariff is available on request at any time – so your online shop grows with you and your requirements.

ShopServer with more performance and features for your online shop - check for yourself

With ShopServer bring your online shop to the next level -
secure your personal offer

Secure your offer now

Looking for a low-priced complete package as an entry into online business?

Online shop has everything you need: professional design templates, sophisticated shop functions and an easy-to-use user interface. It’s a cheap solution for beginners as it includes promotional marketing and SEO tools. Plus, if required, you can upgrade at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the integrated Web service interface?

With an integrated web service interface you can connect an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) system to your web store. Hence you have all the enabling technologies to improve your performance. You can handle your orders faster and benefit from an unlimited number of presented products. StoreServer is ideal for larger online shops with a high stock turnover.

What do i need to know about the Security with SSL certificate?

For an establishment of ShopServers, an SSL certificate and your own domain are required. Therefore, with your order you receive a Host Europe SSL certificate valued at €30.00 euros for one domain, free for one year. You can opt for a higher quality certificate if you would prefer - you only will need to pay the difference. Please also note that you will need to have your own domain.

How do i run an update of the shop?

There is an automatic function which will take care of the updates of your e-commerce platform. Each time you will be informed, and then asked for an update confirmation. The update will happen at your preferred time.

Why does ShopServer run on Virtual Server?

By hosting your shop on a private secure-access vServer, you benefit from the increased speed and reliability. Your web store doesn’t share hosting environment with other users, so you will not experience any loss of performance. In addition, you can always be flexible and switch to a higher rate - for example, when there are an increased number of visitors during seasonal peak.