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Private Cloud Server

The best combination of Cloud computing and dedicated power

  • tickYour own Cloud infrastructure for public & private networks
  • tickScale multiple virtual machines with high resources
  • tickDuplicate existing VMs with VM cloning

  • Private Cloud Server M

    Affordable cloud resources for up to 4 virtual machines

    €199.99per month
    + €99.99 one off setup fee
    • 16
    • permanently included
    • RAM
    • HDD
    • available bandwidth
    • Active VM / Standby VM 4 / 4
    Price includes MwSt €199.99 per month.
  • Private Cloud Server XL

    Double "M"-power - our value for money best-seller

    €299.99per month
    + €99.99 one off setup fee
    • 32
    • permanently included
    • RAM
    • HDD
    • available bandwidth
    • Active VM / Standby VM 8 / 8
    Price includes MwSt €299.99 per month.
  • Hardware RAID 10

    Private Cloud Server MAX

    No compromises: RAID 10 and 256 GB RAM for maximum performance

    €399.99per month
    + €99.99 one off setup fee
    • 32
    • permanently included
    • RAM
    • HDD
    • available bandwidth
    • Active VM / Standby VM 8 / 8
    Price includes MwSt €399.99 per month.

Contract terms

  • tick1 month minimum contract length
  • tickMonthly billing cycle paid in advance
  • tick1 month following contract length
  • tick4 weeks cancellation terms to the end of the contract

Compare Private Cloud Server features in more detail

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    Your own Cloud infrastructure

    Use public and private network segments. For example, you may wish to segregate web servers with public access from database servers in network divisions with only private access. This will ensure:

    • tickNetwork segments separately usable
    • tickProtection against public access
    • tickPublic & Private Cloud environments

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    Multiple virtual machines

    Create individual VMs. Allocate flexible CPU and RAM resources as well as hardware space to every instance and freely distribute the performance of your host system. You also get:

    • tickIndividual virtual machines
    • tickLoad sharing on several VMs
    • tickUp to 8 active VMs

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    Flexible and Scalable

    Rescale the activity value of your virtual machine to your requirements whenever it suits you. The flexible CPU and RAM adjustment provides the constant ability to react swiftly to any change in conditions or circumstances. To sum up, you get:

    • tickVirtual machines you can scale any time
    • tickFlexible CPU and RAM adjustment
    • tickFast response time

Host Europe Add-ons

Helpful additional options for your server

  • Data Protection

    Backup Storage Basic

    Up to 10 TB of storage accessible via rsync, SCP, SFTP and FTP

    €0.99per month
    Backup Storage
    Price includes MwSt €0.99 per month. Cancellation: 4 weeks to the end of the contract
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring XXL 2.0

    Monitor services and ports on your server.

    €4.99per month
    Price includes MwSt €4.99 per month. Cancellation: 4 weeks to the end of the contract
  • Network

    Cluster IP

    More flexibility through the additional divertible IP address.

    €4.99per month
    Cluster IP
    Price includes MwSt €4.99 per month.

You need Consultation & Support?

Our Sales team is always there for you 0800 404 5056 (Mo-Fr, 9-17 h)

Summing up all advantages

Standby server

Utilise servers on standby at any time to cope with growing demand. This allows you to add extra web servers to your environment with ease.

Cluster IP

Increase your flexibility: With Cluster IP you get an additional IP address that you can choose to redirect to another server. This increases the availability of your web applications. The routing change takes only 5 minutes.

Choice of operating systems

A wide selection of pre-configured operating system templates is available to you when installing virtual machines: Choose between Linux derivatives Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian. You also have the option to select Windows Server 2012. For the installation of individual operating systems, you can use the ISO mount functionality so your Private Cloud Server runs at your preference.

Plesk Onyx included

Thanks to many Plesk innovations, you can administer your Private Cloud Server with Plesk Onyx more conveniently than ever before. Numerous user-friendly features include mail server SSL certificate, one-click system updates, git, docker and Let's Encrypt support.

VM Cloning

Duplicate existing instances at the push of a button and without having to configure your newly created virtual machines.

Flexible terms

No risk for you - by using our Private Cloud Servers with no minimum contract term you stay absolutely flexible. Cancel anytime with a time limit of 4 weeks until the end of month.

Trustpilot 4/5

Rated 4/5 based on 901 customer reviews

Trustpilot 5/5
Claudia Eberle

Excellent provider, very competent and easily accessible support

Trustpilot 5/5
Andreas Gstrein

We have been a customer for 20 years
and experience again and again perfect, fast and extremely competent support!


Trustpilot 5/5

I am absolutely enthusiastic about the support, you are always helped very quickly...

You need your own server hardware: dedicated resources without virtualization?

Our dedicated servers meet the highest professional requirements. We provide you with your own premium branded hardware in less than 60 minutes: You benefit from maximum performance - with a high level of user-friendliness thanks to an intuitive and mobile-optimized control panel.

Dedicated Server products

Price-transparency, service-excellence

Two customer promises are of highest priority for Host Europe: We ensure full price transparency and the highest service quality that only dedicated experts with extensive practical experience can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They give you the best combination of Cloud computing and dedicated power and are based on completely dedicated servers with up to 8 virtual machines. You can freely allocate CPU and RAM resources as well as disk space to any virtual machine.

Gold winner again in 2019: Host Europe receives VPS/vServer award

At the Hosting & Service Provider Summits, Host Europe received three gold awards in the last three years: 2019 and 2018 in the VPS/vServer category and 2017 in the Web Hosting category. In 2018, Host Europe also received several awards as web hosting provider with 100% availability.