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  • Domain SSL

    The beneficial instantaneous protection for Admin areas and Intranets.

    €14.99per month
    • : 5-15 minutes
    Prices include 19% tax. €14.99 per month in advance; minimum contract duration 1 year.
  • Organization SSL

    The professional solution for commercial sites, shops and login areas.

    €19.99per month
    • : 1 day to 3 weeks
    Prices include 19% tax. €19.99 per month in advance; minimum contract duration 1 year.

All SSL Certificates include:

Security features

Compatible with 99% of all browserstick

Your SSL Certificate will be in use just about everywhere: All SSL Certificates from Host Europe are compatible with 99% of all common browsers, even with mobile browsers.

Accessible security sealstick

Publicise your commitment: All SSL certificates from Host Europe contain a seal that you can incorporate in your website. By clicking on it a website visitor receives all information that a website owner has provided during the validation process.

Certified domaintick

When issuing a domain checked SSL certificate it is checked that the applicant is able to receive an e-mail to a certain address within the checked domain. However, the user cannot find out who runs the presence at that address.

256 Bit encodingtick

All SSL certificates offered by Host Europe enable date encryption with at least 256 bit.

4.096 Bit key lengthstick

For the highest possible security, our certificates use the recommended key length of 4096 bits.


AutoCSR includedtick

A Certificated Signing Request (CSR) is a character string that contains information about the certificate owner and serves as a public key. You can let Host Europe generate it for you at no extra cost or create it yourself. Just as you like.

Administration via KIStick

In our Customer Information System (KIS) you can configure the validity for additional domains or subdomains of your individual SSL certificates. Please note: Booking additional domains and subdomains is only possible during the ordering process and cannot be dome afterwards.

Support Services

Support timetick

Support time for Host Europe SSL certificate is Mon - to Fri 9:00 - 17:00 (except on federal bank holidays).

Installation Health checktick

Once the certificate has been installed, you can execute a check of the installation if required. We are offering this service for all SSL Certificates from the Domain SSL solution onwards.

24/7 supporttick

available via Freephone or e-mail.

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Terms and conditions

Contract length: 1 year

Please note that your package assumes a contract length of one year. Some products have several alternatively contract terms for the choice, which may result in different monthly and setup fees.

Cancellation terms: renewal service activated

Host Europe will initiate the validation process again in time before your SSL Certificate expires. So you can be sure that you don't forget to renew your certificate - all you have to do is to go through the validation process. If you do not want our renewal service, you can easily deactivate it in your customer information system (KIS).

Valid for any number of subdomains on same level

Only SSL Wildcard Certificates. One SSL-Wildcard certificate is valid for any number of subdomains of the secured main domain. Only prerequisite: All subdomains must be within one level.

Billing cycle

Per year in advance.