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Excellence in high-tech data centres

We have both the datadock in Strasbourg and our data centre in Cologne both are very high-tech data centres, enough capacity to guarantee that we can provide the best quality of hosting at the highest security level.

Energy-saving and secure

Comprehensive security models, highest quality standards, outstanding connections and redundant components guarantee you the maximum protection and highest availability of your data. Both data centres are run on power from renewable energies for maximum power efficiency. Moreover, we guarantee outstanding security as well as the impeccable abidance of the privacy protection laws.

datadock Strasbourg: hosting with a green star

The datadock provides enough capacity for all virtual, as well as managed, servers (web, blog and mail server). It is one of the most secure and greenest data centres in Europe and one of the first to receive the green Star from the Datacentre Star Audit (DCSA) in 2013. In addition to an innovative well cooling system, there are modern and eco-friendly machines for the infrastructure. From its central location in Strasbourg, all data can be launched online with optimal performance and availability at all times.

Power efficiency

66% less energy consumption for the infrastructure (cooling etc.) of the data centre in comparison to average data centres. 25% less total energy consumption. Far more than 25 million kWh conservation of energy per year when operating at full capacity.


Power supply: Transformers, low voltage main distribution boards, UPS components and generators with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancy each. Cooling: Well systems, pumps and cooling circuits with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancy each. The early fire detection analyses air samples for sooty particles.


The datadock is located on the main route for European fiberglass cables and has optimal connection to Germany, Europe and throughout the world. It has connections available with 550 Gbit/s to the most important carriers and a fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 100 Gbit/s.

More information about our Data centre in Cologne

In the data centre in Cologne all products and services are hosted like Shared Webhosting, Mail, Shop Systems and KIS. In addition a certification after PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) exists. With direct gates to the DE-CIX and LINX as well as numerous carriers it has one of the most efficient backbones in Europe.

Power efficiency

25% higher power efficiency in comparison to conventional data centres through the utilisation of the newest technologies.


Emergency diesel generators with up to 2,500 KVA each. n+1 uninterrupted emergency currents supply (UPS). Redundant current supply. n+2 air conditioning.


With an external connection of more than 180 Gbit/s the Internet backbone is configured multi-redundantly for maximum availability and system stability

Our partnerships with leading companies

We care for the relationships and strategic partnerships that we have- from software companies and system houses to leading hardware manufacturers. This helps us to consistently provide our customers with innovative and reliable solutions, where all components fit together and work as one. We also involve our associates in the training and certification of our employees.

DELL is the worldwide biggest manufacturer and direct provider of innovative and high quality personal computers, notebooks, servers, handhelds and printers. The high quality standard creates a solid base for the partnership between Host Europe and DELL. The DELL hardware has proved to be efficient and high value consistently.

Intel® , the worldwide leading company in the field of semiconductor chip innovation develops technologies, products and initiatives to constantly improve human life and work. Intel® especially set the pattern for processor performance and power efficiency with the Intel® Xeon™ processors for two-way-server systems based on the Intel® Core™ technology. Through the cooperation with Intel®, Host Europe is one of the first to benefit from innovative product developments and therefore relies on Intel® regarding the server hosting product.

As the Microsoft Partner Gold Virtualisation and Silver Hosting, Host Europe works closely with Microsoft to be the number one choice for hosting solutions and virtualisation. Employees with the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification can ensure that our customers are given IT solutions that are developed specifically for their requirements.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the worldwide industry-leading providers of servers, memory, networks, software, services and Cloud. The high quality brand represents the majority of our provided servers. Hewlett Packard Enterprise continuously introduces new products and services while monitoring the trends of the market and technology. The provider emerged from the Hewlett Packard company, which is active in the field of innovations for more than 75 years.