Philipp Brühl

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Philipp Brühl – MBmedien Group

You might think that growing up in an area of the countryside where there wasn’t much of an emphasis on digital careers might be a barrier to anyone getting into a career in the tech sector. This wasn’t the case for Philipp Bruhl. After training as an IT system administrator at a small local company, Bruhl studied computer science. Then, following seven years with an antivirus manufacturer, he ended up in key account support before joining the MBmedien Group, headquartered in Krefeld, Germany. In the company, which specializes in customer data and content services as well as lead campaigns, he now works as team leader for IT system administration for the subsidiaries MBmedien and MBmedien Publishing. With his two employees, he keeps the technical infrastructure running and takes care of upcoming projects. Actually, Philipp Brühl does today what he was already very popular for as a teenager with family, friends and acquaintances: he solves IT problems, acutely and preventively. Of course, the professional challenges are at a much more complex level and in a very dynamic environment. That's why he likes to rely on a reliable and proven partner like Host Europe.
You are a digital native, so you belong to the generation that grew up with and is familiar with digital technologies. Privilege or burden?

Privilege, very clearly! I can't imagine a life without digitisation. At the age of 14, the computer entered my life, since then I have been on the ball. At the age of 15 I had my first own PC, followed by computer science lessons at school. Like all young people, I used my PC to play "Call of Duty", "Half Life" and "World of Warcraft". But I didn't only use the PC for gaming. I was interested in its inner workings very early on and how it works technically.

Tell us about your career.

My enthusiasm for computers was so great that it quickly became clear that I wanted to do something in this area.
I worked for various employers for a long time, then I worked for an antivirus manufacturer for seven years, including first-level support. I have now been with MBmedien for four years, now as team leader IT system administration. No matter where I have worked, it has always been all about computers – they’re the big constant in my life.

"Thanks to the new products and services offered by Host Europe, we can also offer our customers other services and solutions. Ultimately, this benefits all sides".

Please describe very roughly what your job involves today.

I am responsible for the administration, monitoring and further development of the networks and IT structures of the MBmedien Group. Put simply: with my team I make sure that the technical requirements are met on which the business of our company is based. We have been offering customer data services in the B2B area for more than 20 years and support our customers in lead generation. In all of this, our own huge database plays a fundamental role.

Where did your connection with Host Europe begin?

At some point in business, you inevitably reach a point where you also have to resort to external infrastructure and services. Then you check the appropriate service providers, run tests, check the price/performance ratio, and if it fits, you get into business. We chose Host Europe first and, over the years, we have successively expanded our cooperation. In fact, are using the whole repertoire of Host Europe. This, in turn, brings with it other advantages: for example, we enjoy a certain priority with the contact person now we’re above a certain size. For example, if we need a new mail or web server for a customer, we go to our web interface, click on the service we need, and it will be available within two hours.

Does a kind of interdependence with the service provider develop over time?

Yes, but in a positive sense. Due to the new products and services that Host Europe offers, we can also offer our customers other services and solutions. This ultimately benefits all sides - Host Europe, us and our customers, a classic win-win-win situation.

Does what Loriot once said about his dog - "A life without pug is possible, but pointless" - also apply to digitisation?

No. A life without digitization is simply no longer possible today. All areas of politics, economy and society are permeated by it, even where it is not recognisable at first or second glance. No, that is neither conceivable nor desirable. Not professionally anyway, but also privately, I would not want to do without it. My home is largely digital and automation is my hobby. Of course, I have an Alexa playing music or turning off the light when I say it. Unfortunately, my fridge is not yet ready to order fresh milk, as I noticed again this morning. Good things take time.
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