Hosted Exchange

Use the world’s strongest communication platform by Microsoft®

  • Synchronisation and data configuration on all connected devices
  • Access e-mails, calendar and contacts everywhere, anytime you need to
  • Up to 25GB e-mail memory capacity per mailbox
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We take care of the reliably of the server hosting

Hosted Exchange Basic

The professional e-mail tariff based on Microsoft Exchange

monthly 6,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 9,99 €

Hosted Exchange Premium

The professional e-mail tariff based on Microsoft Exchange including Microsoft Outlook

monthly 9,99 € incl. VAT One-Time Setup 9,99 €

Access your data worldwide

E-mails, contacts and appointments are always synchronised - the ActiveSync Protocol takes care of this. Through Direct Push, you will receive incoming e-mails to your mobile device immediately. And, by using the Outlook Web App you can use all of the features from an intuitive user interface.

Reliable Microsoft® technology

Based on the communication software Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013. With Hosted Exchange you can enjoy a professional solution for communication within your company, while we take care of hosting the mail server.

Complete Outlook compatibility

Hosted Exchange is at its strongest when paired with Microsoft® Outlook 2013, which is why our Premium tariff includes a license for the latest version. So you can benefit from flawless interaction with your communication solution.

Summing up all advantages

Frequent data backup

We back up your data frequently so you can always recover individual mailboxes if you need to. We can restore Exchange Mailboxes in 7 days while for Outlook Web elements it can take up to 14 days.

Synchronisation with ActiveSync

With the ActiveSync protocol all your e-mails, contacts and appointments are synced and ready-to-use, whatever device you use to access your data.

Spam and virus protection

With our professional pre-configured spam and virus filter, you get to keep your mailbox free of spam, viruses and phishing e-mails.

100% German data protection

100% German data protection To keep your business information completely safe at all times, we host your data at the highest safety standards in accordance with the German data protection laws.

Premium service

Our trained experts are available at any time for questions and potential issues to ensure that communications in your business are always smooth and stress-free.

Access your data from anywhere in the world

No matter where you are, your office is already there with you. With Hosted Exchange you access all your documents and data on the go. The ActiveSync protocol ensures your e-mails contacts and appointments are always synchronised so you’re always on the same page. Using Direct Push, incoming emails are forwarded immediately to your mobile device with Outlook Web Access, and to use all functions through an intuitive user interface - you only need a browser with Internet access.

Alle Termine im Blick
Mobiler Zugriff von überall
Kontakte einfach managen
Zugriff über Webbrowser
Einfache Konfiguration
E-Mails empfangen, bearbeiten und versenden
Nie wieder Aufgaben vergessen
Alle Termine im Blick
All dates at a glance

With the calendar, you always have all your upcoming appointments clearly in view.

Mobiler Zugriff von überall
Mobile access from anywhere

Access your e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks from anywhere in the world.

Kontakte einfach managen
Easily manage contacts

With our familiar contact management system you also have the option to import contacts from other email services.

Zugriff über Webbrowser
Web Browser Access

To access from anywhere with the Outlook Web App, all you need is an Internet browser.

Einfache Konfiguration
Easy configuration

With Outlook Web App you can access your account details and update basic settings.

E-Mails empfangen, bearbeiten und versenden
Create, send and receive e-mails

With Outlook Web Access you can create emails and send or receive them from your web browser.

Nie wieder Aufgaben vergessen
Never forget tasks

In the task list, you see the tasks you have created and all your flagged messages.

Work more productively in a team –
with Office 365

Accomplish everything from everywhere: with the successful Microsoft® applications - on PC / Mac, tablet and smartphone. Take advantage of professional e-mail communications with 50 GB of storage per user. Integrate your own domains. Migrate your existing mailbox.

Office 365 products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosted Exchange based on?

It’s based on the world-renowned and professional groupware software Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013. It is server software that allows e-mails, contacts, appointments, tasks and other data to be stored and managed centrally. Several users can use the network or Internet via client software such as Outlook to access the data from any location at any time using all connected devices. The advantage of Hosted Exchange is that you do not have to worry about the hosted e-mail infrastructure because we take care of it for you.

How can I access my mailbox on the go?

You can access it with any device that has Internet access and the appropriate client software. However, there is also the option of using the Outlook Web App (OWA) from your web browser to access your e-mails, calendar, tasks, and appointments. In this case, a secure connection between your browser and the Exchange server is established via an encrypted HTTPS protocol. Any changes that you make with OWA are also stored on your Hosted Exchange mailbox, which means it will also apply if you sign up later with your client to your mailbox.

Which mobile devices are suitable for data synchronisation?

Data synchronisation between your Exchange server and all connected mobile devices is done via the ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft®. The mobile devices with the following operating systems support the protocol and are therefore suitable for synchronisation: Windows Phone and Windows Mobile version 5, iPhone with firmware 2.1, Android version 2.0 and BlackBerry Version 9.

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