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Benefits of domain names with Host Europe

Private registration

Protect your address data from fraud attempts and reduce spam in your mailbox by disabling the public access of your address data during the domain registration.

Additional domains as needed

Check and order as many domain names as you want and assign them to your products via your customer information system (KIS).

Flexible expansion options

Upgrade your domain any time and add mail, web hosting or a WebServer. Upgrading to a higher package is also free of charge.

Active IPv6 support

Many of our products are already IPv6 compatible and include a separate IPv6 address to use with your web hosting, WebServer or WebServer Dedicated.

User-friendly administration

Customise your domains with our easy to use administration system and utilise many professional features such as domain forwarding.


It is possible for you to internationalize domain names. If you would like to do this, instructions on how this can be achieved can be found in our FAQ.

Professional A- and MX-records

Assign your domain to external services using professional features like A- and MX-records. A(Address) record (also A-Resource Record) refer to an IP address. With MX (mail exchanger) records you are able to choose which IP addresses incoming mail should be sent to.

Easily redirect URLs

If your web presence should only be accessible through a certain URL, you can simply redirect all other domains of a package to this URL.

Domain transfer

Securely transfer your domain to Host Europe. It’s quick, easy and you can also benefit from competitive domain prices and web hosting solutions with flexible upgrade possibilities.

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Do you want to use your domain for professional purposes?

Take advantage of online Microsoft® tools online including Office 365 which will help you to work more productively in a team. You will also get 50GB of disk space for your professional email communications plus the freedom to include and integrate any existing domains you already have.

Office 365 Products

Increase the reliability of your website

Is your website trustworthy and is your sensitive data encrypted? Our SSL certificates confirm the authenticity of your website and provide protection from copycat or phishing sites. They can also increase customer confidence and improve your Google ranking.

SSL certificates

Our partners for best service quality and low prices

We and our partners have extensive expertise and experience, which is reflected ultimately in our high quality service and reasonable prices. We also benefit from the latest advances in the registration process and in domain management.

DENIC operates the primary name server for the top level domains under .de. As a central contracting authority DENIC is responsible for the registration of all domain names under the TLD .de. is the central contracting authority responsible for managing the country-code top-level domains for Austria: .at, and

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Regional or City top-level domain?

The new GEO gTLDs are becoming increasingly popular because they have a great advantage: they are practically understood by everyone immediately. Local domain endings, such .nrw, .ruhr or cities as domains .berlin, .cologne, .hamburg, .wien are directly attributable to the respective city or region and thus enjoying a similarly high level of instant recognition like the classic country-code top-level domains. This makes them ideal for private, social and commercial sites. Now, verify the availability of your desired domain name with our Domain Check.

Can I point my domain extension directly to my business?

Yes, with a majority of new generic domains (gTLDs) can point directly to your business. It also enables you to have a much shorter extension as they are more descriptive and describe your business perfectly. There are now numerous interesting German business extensions for different business sectors, for example real estate has .immobilien, .kaufen and more. Especially for sites with adult content we have the .xxx domain, which is subject to strict directives. Websites with a .xxx extension, for example, check associated sites for malware to protect visitors.

Are there creative opportunities for my development?

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your website presence the usual well known top-level domains such as .com provide almost unlimited possibilities. If you would like to be more creative, domain endings such as .nrw, .it, .es, .be or other exotic endings are ideally suited for puns and creative domain names. Take advantage of our huge variety! Other domains are useful in this context such as domains of small states and autonomous regions such as .fm, .gg, .im .je, .mu, .pm, .re, .sx and many others. Naturally, these domain endings make a great striking URL for deals with local relevance. Most top-level domains in our program are freely available and can be registered quickly and easily by you. You see, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at our offering. Host Europe is one of the largest domain registrars in Europe.

How can I find the best domain name for my online presence?

Choosing a distinctive web address is the key to your success on the Internet. Get your domain now at Host Europe. Simply use the search function and you will immediately find out whether your desired URL is still available. If the domain name is already taken, you can easily switch to an alternative name or any other domain extension. We offer numerous top-level domains on favourable terms: .com, .eu,, .com, .uk, and many more, including the .xyz that has the makings of a new classic.

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VPS Provider

At the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2018 Host Europe was again awarded Gold in the VPS/vServer category.

100% Availability Award

In 2018 several times decorated as webhoster with 100% availability.

Gold Winner

Host Europe has been awarded the Gold Hosting Award 2017 for Webhosting.

VPS Provider

Host Europe was named best provider in the category VPS/vServer at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

Silver Medallist

Host Europe was awarded a silver medal in the category Webhosting at the Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2016.

Service Availability

„We are always available for you“ – our service level was rated „top class!“.