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  • Basic

    The most affordable plan for your website

    €4.99per month
    + €14.99 one off setup fee
    • Up to 5
    • 15
    • 1 GB Space for website
    • 20 E-mail Accounts
    • 10 GB E-Mail storage (total)
    • for 1 e-mail account
    • 50 Email addresses
    • Price from the second year: 9,99 € monthly
    • E-mails, tasks, calendar and contact data move - powered by audriga: 1x included for 1 e-mail account
    Prices include 19% tax. €4.99 per month in advance; minimum contract duration 1 month. Setup fee: €14.99. Cancellation period: 1 Month.
  • Premium

    All the features needed for complex websites

    €9.99per month
    + €14.99 one off setup fee
    • Up to 100
    • > 80
    • 10 GB Space for website
    • 100 E-mail Accounts
    • 50 GB E-Mail storage (total)
    • for 20 e-mail accounts
    • 500 Email addresses
    • Price from the second year: 19,99 € monthly
    • E-mails, tasks, calendar and contact data move - powered by audriga: 1 x included (30 days), after this time € 9.99
    • PayPal
    • PayPal
    Prices include 19% tax. €9.99 per month in advance; minimum contract duration 1 month. Setup fee: €14.99. Cancellation period: 1 Month.

Included in all our Website Builder plans:

Webdesign Features

Responsive Templatestick

Website builder offers mobile-optimised design templates that automatically adjust for viewing on different devices. So, whether your site is accessed on a desktop, tablet or smartphone – it will always look professional.

Google Mapstick

Google Maps is a perfect tool for preparing route descriptions: You can position a section of the map with just a few clicks on your page. The size of the map can be freely adjusted.

Drag & Drop Interfacetick

Integration of imagestick

Photo Carouseltick

Impress your visitors with an attractive slideshow: The photo carousel allows you to add pictures of your choice. Start the slideshow with a mouse click. The intervals between pictures can be set individually.

Video Embedtick

Professional features

XHTML 1.0 compatibletick

Our Website Builder offers compatibility to the markup language XHTML 1.0.

SEO Optionstick

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) describes measures that websites use to appear higher up the search engine ranking of unpaid search results from Google, for instance. Our Website Builder provides you with professional support.


With the Website Builder you can incorporate forms that allow text, address or calendar data. Using the form widgets you can have the data directly for further processing.


Create your own blog and take advantage of the pre-installed modules to enhance it and provide an even better experience to your readers.

Social Media Features

Facebook Like-Buttonstick

Encourage your visitors to like your page on Facebook directly from your website. Simply use the Facebook Like button which you can drag directly on your site.

LinkedIn Profiletick

This feature allows you to add a section of your LinkedIn profile on your website.

Twitter Feedstick

Website builder allows you to integrate Twitter feeds so visitors can see them directly on your website.

Domain Features

100 Subdomainstick

Subdomains allow you to make individual sections of your website more easily accessible. You can for example link current information on your company in

Integration of an external domaintick

If you already own an external domain you can integrate it without having to completely migrate the domain.

Other domains availabletick



If you use a mail program such as Outlook, you can easily integrate your mailboxes into this program. With the transmission protocol IMAP your data is encrypted. So your data is safe.

Mobile Mailtick

Mobile Mail enables you to send and receive e-mails anytime while on the move. With an IMAP-IDLE enabled Smartphone and an internet connection you will be notified of a new message immediately.


So that you get less unsolicited blocked e-mails (SPAM), we use an extensive Antispam filter. This one analyse detailed incoming e-mails and reduce the number of unwished notices.

Webmailer, Autorespondertick

Our Webmailer is the internet platform for your email communication. It allows you to send and receive emails and keep a personal calendar and address book. The Autoresponder ensures that no mail remains unanswered while you are absent. You compose a message which we will deliver as soon as an e-mail arrives in your mailbox.

35 max. e-mail Sizetick

POP3, POP3/TLStick

Service and Support

Free 24/7 Supporttick

We are there for you and are happy to assist you when choosing a new product or service or setting up your products.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)tick

Our support offerings, such as response times, are clearly laid out in our service level agreements (SLAs). So you know exactly what to expect.

Individual configuration options

Additional e-mail storagetick

from € 1,00 / monthly / 500 MB

Additional e-mail mailboxestick

from € 0,05 / monthly. / 1 mailbox

Additional premium antivirus by Kaspersky® for existing e-mail accountstick

from € 0.69 per month.

Additional e-mail addressestick

from € 0.50 / per month / 100 addresses

SSL certificatetick

An SSL certificate is included. Additional SSL certificates can be embedded.

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Terms and conditions

Minimum contract length: 1 month

Please note that your package requires a certain minimum contract period. For some products there is a choice of several contract periods that may have different monthly and set-up fees.

Monthly billing cycle: monthly in advance

Any charges are calculated for the given periods in advance and cannot be refunded if cancellation occurs before the end of the contract period or if there is a contract change.

Following contract length: 1 month

After the minimum contract term, your contract is renewed.

Cancellation terms: 1 month

The contract can be terminated with 1 month notice, at the earliest to the end of the minimum contract term.

Traffic Flatrate

Don't worry about too many visitors to your website: Unlimited traffic volume is included in the monthly price, irrespective of the number of visits to your website.