Protect your website and its visitors

  • Daily malware scan and automatic removal
  • Prevent your website from being blacklisted by Google
  • SiteLock quality mark of trust for approved security
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Additional protection with firewall and CDN


The basic protection for a domain which alerts you when it finds anything

monthly 0,99 € incl. VAT

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The professional protection for a domain with automatic malware removal

monthly 4,99 € incl. VAT


Preventive protection for a domain with additional firewall and website acceleration

monthly 29,99 € incl. VAT

Daily malware scan and automatic removal

Three different security levels - the same principle: A daily, proactive scan searches your website for malware. FIND offers solutions you can apply yourself. REPAIR and PROTECT automatically remove malware.

Protection against blacklisting, negative impacts and loss in sales

Every day, Google finds thousands of virus-infected web sites and adds them to the blacklist. This can damage your online business quickly, because your website will no longer be listed in Google search results.

SiteLock quality mark of reliability shows security for costumers

The SiteLock quality mark of reliability is a clear sign that you have increased the reliability of your website performance. The last time of scanning always appears next to the quality mark. That means you can provide your customers with maximum transparency.

Summing up all advantages

Malware detector

This powerful scan checks the source code of a site thoroughly for malware, contaminated and infected links and JavaScript code. SiteLock includes an extensive and continuously updated signature database.

Vulnerability check

Cross Site Scripting Scan, SQL Scan and Application Scanning: SiteLock effectively prevents vulnerabilities in websites, databases and applications from being exploited.

Smart and safely removed

The Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART) removes threats from your site thoroughly. This also ensures that search engines do not blacklist your site and your business stays online.

Safety seal

The SiteLock Trust Seal lets visitors know immediately that your site is secure and free from malware. This helps to increase confidence in your online business, which will have a positive impact on sales.


The TrueShield Web Application Firewall protects against malicious sites or hacker attacks. This is a reliable tool that is able to distinguish between good and malicious bots.

CDN as Website-Turbo

It only takes a visitor a few seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your site or not. A Content Delivery Network, optionally available with PROTECT, ensures that your content is stored on SiteLock data centres, meaning it will be delivered quickly to your site’s visitors.

Protect your site against these top threats

SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting

Hackers use security holes in SQL databases and PHP to manipulate by infiltrating their own commands. In order to stay one step ahead, SiteLock searches for SQL weak points and closes them quickly.

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

A CSRF appears when a manipulated website commands the browser of an authenticated user via HTTP request to conduct an unwanted action on a web page.

Incorrect authentication

Features for authentication and session management are often flawed or insufficiently protected, meaning hackers could be able to access to user names, passwords, session tokens or other information for identity theft.

Invalidated redirects and forwards

Web applications often transfer users to other websites using unreliable data. This can sometimes result in users being transferred to phishing or malware sites, for instance, without noticing it.

Insecure direct object references

If the object reference can be manipulated on certain implementation objects such as data, indexes or database entries through a loophole, a hacker can get unauthorised access.

Poor protection of sensitive data

Many web applications do not sufficiently protect sensitive data like credit card information or login data through encryption or other mechanisms. That means hackers are able to tap into this data especially during the transfer.

Components with vulnerabilities

Components such as libraries, frameworks and other software modules are often designed with full privileges. If one component shows a weak point, it can easily be exploited by hackers which can then gain control over the server and website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SiteLock work?

It works in a similar way to a classic PC virus scanner, except that entire websites, including all subpages, are all checked for malware at the same time. The scanner checks your website proactively for infected sources, as well as contaminated and hazardous JavaScript links based on a continuously updated signature database. With REPAIR all detected malware is removed automatically (this feature can be activated and deactivated) and with PROTECT you can enjoy prevention and protection of having a firewall .

What are the different available scans with SiteLock?

To protect your sites as effectively as possible, several Cloud-based technologies are used: The Malware Scan compares a large database of signatures with the source code of your website. The vulnerabilities scan examines your pages in addition to hazards such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections and other vulnerabilities in web applications.

Can the scans slow down my website?

No, there will be no negative impact on website speed when using SiteLock, especially as the daily scan only loads new or changed data. The scan itself takes place on the SiteLock server and you can schedule it so it can be carried out at night for the least possible impact.

What do I do if SiteLock finds a problem?

That primarily depends on your chosen level of security. With FIND, malware found by the daily scan is not automatically removed. You only receive all the necessary information so you can remove the malware yourself and make your website safe again. With REPAIR as well as PROTECT, any malware that is found will be automatically removed, this option can be activated and deactivated by you.

Why do SSD hard disks provide a considerably higher performance?

Since there are no moving mechanical parts in SSD hard disks, as there is in older hard disks, a delay in rotation does not occur, meaning the access and search time is considerably reduced. Databases and dynamic web applications particularly benefit from the fast reading and writing access times.

How do I install and use the SiteLock Trust Seal?

The trust mark is a recognised mark that tells customers your page is secure. You can easily add it to your page and choose whether to display it so it follows when scrolling or to activate it as a graphic. All you need to do is to copy the generated HTML code and embed it into the source code of your page.

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