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Enter your domain with the new ending .GmbH to better represent your business. You can finally secure your desired domain for your website. This extension opens up new opportunities for long-term competitive advantages. Stand out with a shorter, more concise and memorable domain name that will get your business noticed and separate you from the competition.

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This program may only be used by registered LLCs. Increase confidence in your brand with this sign of professionalism.

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Frequently Asked questions

What distinguishes the new .GmbH domain name?

The new extension or top level domain (TLD) .GmbH is unique and makes it easy to recognise and remember your company website. We liken the .GmbH extension to a quality seal because it radiates reliability and trustworthiness from first glance. With this domain you will benefit long term from the competitive advantages that this extension brings-a short, precise, noticeable and distinctive digital company name that can be easily found in search engines.

Why pre-order at Host Europe?

With over 6 million registrations, we are one of the largest domain providers in Europe. Take advantage of our great expertise, reasonable prices and our high quality of support – available during the registration process right up to managing your Internet address.

What are the requirements?

Your company should be registered as a Limited Liability Company. Other companies are prohibited to use the extension. There is a simple authorisation procedure to eliminate unauthorised registrations and ensure the integrity and reliability of these domain statements.

Which domain names can I pre-order?

This is completely up to you. There might be a possibility that the domain you want is already taken. So it pays to book immediately. It‘s the principle: first come, first registered.

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